Videoprototype: TransPen

Group 05, Videoprototype, WS1718

Schools nowadays face challenges that go beyond the daily routine in the classroom. One of these challenges is the increasing percentage of students with a migration background. These students often cannot understand German, thus cannot follow the class and sometimes account for up to 70% of all students in one school. Therefore it was important for us to offer a quick and easy to use solution, that one the one hand relieve the teachers and on the other hand help the foreign students to catch up with the learning matter.

Another challenge is new media. Schools have started to digitise their classrooms with whiteboards or tablets. During research, an often heard problem was, that while teachers are open towards new media, they feel like it is not used to its full potential and can sometimes still be distracting. Therefore we tried to avoid introducing additional screens to the classrooms.

With this knowledge in mind, we developed TransPen, the translation pen that can scann any text and simultaneously translate it into any desired language. The pen looks and feels like a normal pen, thus guaranteeing easy usage and is equipped with bluetooth connectivity and several buttons for volume adjusting and scanning purposes.

The benefits of TransPen are extensive. On the one hand it works without screen, thus making sure students do not get distracted when using it and on the other hand it makes use of audio output, which guarantees that even illiterate refugees can easily follow class without much effort.

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