Opportunity or competition – ‘internet’ in retail

Group 04, User Research, WS1819

Can physical stores still keep up with the digital age nowadays? Which gadgets are being used for that? Why should people buy products in physical shops and what is the differences between the big chains and individual stores?

The user-research of group 4 concentrates on the interaction between mobile devices and the internet and the real, physical shopping experience in sports stores, clothes shops and sportswear stores. We interviewed six people, shop assistants, as well as managers and owners, and asked them about the topic “opportunity or competition- ‘internet’ in retail”. Issues we talked about were about the pay desks, service schedules, communication between staff, social media, homepages and so on.

Together with the staff we applied for memberships, bought items without queuing up and looked up social media appearances and put our balance to the test in a familiar environment.

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