User Research

Group 08, User Research, WS1819

Books are something that most people possess today, regardless of their age, gender or income. They inform or advise, distract after a long day, fill beautiful looking bookshelves and are also ideal as a gift. In bookstores you will find a wide range of books, you can have a closer look at a book, get advice on the purchase and maybe even order a book for trial.

Nevertheless, bookstores today are increasingly confronted with the challenge of keeping up with online shops like Amazon in order not to lose customers. Especially young people appreciate being able to shop quickly and easily on the Internet and consider a bookstore only as a waste of time. That’s why it’s important to make bookstores digital and attractive.

For a deeper insight into the topic, we conducted interviews with various bookstores. To get a comprehensive overview, we talked to both employees and owners. Most bookstores already offer digital content, they own an online shop and sell also audiobooks and eBooks. However, the size of the digital offering varies from store to store.

Using the information we gathered in the interviews, we will work out a concept over the next two weeks to improve the customer experience in bookstores using digital contents.

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