Concept, Group 07, WS1819

One of the major problems we discovered during our user research is that many retailers of small physical shops are completely on their own regarding managing their shop business. They only have limited opportunities to turn to in case of questions or even problems.

Thus, the solution we decided on in order to solve this issue involves creating a network among retail shop owners. This could easily be done by forming an online community of storeowners via a website. There they can exchange trends or experiences and share know how by creating online tutorials about commonly occurring problems. In addition, the website comes along with a feature called store sharing where shop owners can offer parts of their store space to others in order to share costs and manpower and increase the customer base. The community is also able to host networking events for its members to connect and interact with each other.

To visualize our idea and later shoot a video prototype we created the storyboard above. We believe that this idea will greatly improve the life of retail shop owners!

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