Group 01, Videoprototype, WS1819

As we’ve mentioned in one of our earlier blog posts, we decided to develop a product dealing with the digitization of inventories. We believe in the necessity of this product because we’ve noticed during our user research that businesses (smaller ones in particular) shy away from a digital inventory as they assume that it’ll cause a higher workload. The final idea we came up with is a software tool that enables a user to scan either a single product or a collection of multiple products, adding them to a digital database simultaneously.

With the help of this technology it will be a lot easier for retail stores to catalog their inventory. The main reason why the usage of our software is not a hardship, ís that the scanning procedure is as simple as taking a picture of the product. In case of scanning multiple items, for example a bookshelf, you can just take a picture of that.

The software processes the picture to identify the items and gathers all available information to be added to the database.

If desired it is also possible to easily set up an online ordering service. Through this, the online presence of the retail shops is extremely improved. Furthermore the attractiveness of the store to customers increases.

This leads to yet another advantage for the store’s customers. They can now simply get information, for example about the availability of products. This avoids dissatisfaction of customers who came to the store looking for a specific item, but were unsuccessful in purchasing it.

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