New Work – Storyboard “Project Management ProTracker” – Team 5

Concept, Group 05, SS2019

The storyboard first shows a customer (red bowtie) who calls a secretary at your company (blue tie). The customer asks “what is going on?”.
Even though the secretary doesn’t know the answer, ProTracker software allows them to easily find the project the customer is calling about. With one click, the customer gets a status update via email and the secretary won’t need to ask a coworker for the necessary information.
Now the customer wants to make a change in the project – in this case a new logo is requested.
The secretary is able to notify the relevant employee who owns the project and let them know that there is an update to the project via the Add Task button.
In the last drawing, the developer responsible for changing the logo gets a notification about the new task added by the secretary, competing the story.

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