Our group worked out a concept to facilitate the work behind the counter. “SORD” (Speed Ordering) is a system which can speed up and ease the whole order transaction. After recording the order with a microphone it appears on two devices – at the cash register and at the preparation. Many orders can thus be handled in a small time period.

The waiter repeats the costumer’s order and records it with his microphone. Immediately the ordered articles appear on the devices at the cash register and at the preparation. Unpaid list items are displayed on yellow background. By pressing a button on the cash register the orders are automatically saved in the system. Saved orders change their color to green and advise the waiter at the preparation of starting his work. After he has finished he can clear the list of orders by pressing the “DONE”-button on his device.

SORD offers the following value propositions:

– accelerated order transaction => improved customer satisfaction
– error control: orders and prices don’t need to be known by heart
– better interactions among the staff members
– orders are automatically saved in the system

Additional features:

– order correction
– statistics about daily sales

Videoprototype, WS1213

Concept: SORD

Concept, WS1213

ImageAfter analyzing our user-research data we identified three main problem fields: time consuming order processes, long queues and the handling of the payment.The techniques we were taught during our lectures helped us to analyze the problems in more depth, to visualize our ideas and to develop our concept step-by-step. We built our project upon the ideas we filtered out of the „Opportunity Matrix“.

Caused by the negative feedback we gained on our first presentation, we overthought the whole concept together with the project directors.

We found out that our presentation didn’t point out the benefits of our project clearly enough and caused misunderstandings among the listeners. The development of a use case scenario didn’t only help us to understand the features of our system but also to convince the audience of the project’s benefits.

Our system focuses on the service team behind the counter and solves several problems. „SORD“ (Speed/Speech Ordering) is a system to optimize the whole ordering process. It reduces errors caused by bad communication among the service team and long orders which are hard to remember. Furthermore it speeds up the customer serving process and fosters the communication between customer and service staff.


User Research: “Behind the counter”

User Research, WS1213

Our group agreed really fast to focus on the service sector, because the staff is interacting with a lot of customers and the labor turnover rate is really high. We also thought it would be a young and dynamic user group, interested in new technologies. Our expectations were more than fulfilled and we were confronted with very open-minded and friendly people working behind the counter.

We decided to divide our research in two categories: the “daylife” at a bakery and a self-service café and the “nightlife” in several bars and a restaurant. Though we expected huge differences in the workflow between nightlife and during the day we discovered many similarities. The two main problems we identified were the point-of-sale-systems and the crowded areas in front of the bar.

Now we are really excited to summarize our ideas and we can’t wait to start the data analysis.


Day and night behind the counter