Videoprototype, WS1213

How to integrate cool features in gastronomy but simultaneously keep the traditional atmosphere of a restaurant and customer contact? Therefore we introduce MENEW, an interactive menu card, designed with a traditional look ‘n’ feel but which offers many features for the guest.
Its E-ink touch display allows the guest to get information on the origin of the food, explicitly search for dishes with his favorite ingredient or grey out dishes, which he dislikes or to which he is allergic to. Furthermore the cook can make updates (on a display in the kitchen) which appear on the menu right away and the closure of the menu card triggers a notification for the waiter on the register, that the respective table is ready to order. Eventually the bill will be displayed on the last page of the menu, where the customer can click on “Tasty” when he likes the dish or drink and give feedback anonymously.

The biggest value of our concept is, that it offers useful features for the customers without exposing technology in the dining area, what many people appreciate when go eating in a restaurant. For the restaurant owner it’s obviously a cheap and environmentally friendly way to update his menu card, especially the menu of the day. Furthermore he gets honest feedback from customers and with the grading system he can put the most favorite dishes as a recommendation from customers on the front page.

In the future the restaurant owner could use some of the pages as advertising space. In addition there is the possibility to introduce user accounts or even integrate social networks to the card.

The Smart Menu Card


IMG_2688After evaluating our interviews we found out, that most of the people who go to a restaurant set great value upon good customer service, high quality of the food and most importantly they don’t want any technology in the dining area but additional information on the origin of the food.

As a result we came up with the concept of an electronic menu card.

True to the motto “Using the right technology right” we want to introduce a dynamic E-ink menu, which looks exactly like a traditional menu card but can show the customer new updates on new dishes right away. Furthermore you can get information on the origin of the ingredients, which ensures more transparency for the guest.

He can even leave a comment on how he liked it in the restaurant on that menu, giving him a possibility to provide honest feedback anonymously. In addition we thought of a notification alert, which comes up whenever the guest closes the menu. The central register will then show, which table is ready to place an order.

User Research: Gastronomy

User Research, WS1213

We are group 02 and decided right away to do our field study in gastronomy.
Therefore we interviewed following people:
An owner of a restaurant, waitress in a snack bar, an owner of a catering service and snack bar, a shift supervisor of a coffee shop and another owner of a restaurant.

ImageOur result is that most of them are hardly using technical devices. They are only having a register and take their orders by writing them down on paper. At one restaurant they only punch up the price, at another one they choose the dishes. Just at the coffee shop there are also buzzers for checking the toilets or the tables.
Another result is that it is important for them to ensure the quality of the food and drinks. At the restaurants the dishes are very fresh and recently cooked. In contrast they are using a lot of concentrates for the huge amount of costumers at the coffee shop.