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BarM8 is a support system for bar staff especially barkeepers. Preferably installed in larger locations and once initialized it offers a detailed recipe database and tracks every ingredient in stock needed to produce offered beverages.
As a resource management system it provides a complete overview by the use of a well-arranged touch interface and early warnings of substances running short via wristband vibration alarm. This main feature allows an uninterrupted workflow preventing shortages in critical “order rush” situations.
For visual information about functionality check out our neat video prototype:

BarM8 – Resource Management System from Hamster3001 on Vimeo.

At the beginning of a evening’s shift the barstaff enters (if needed) every prepared ingredient and available material in the BarM8 system. From now on the ongoing usage of materials like glassware, spirits, prepared fruit or soft-drinks is tracked in cooperation with the cash desk and various sensors tracking weight and filling levels.
Pre-calculation of probable usage on the basis of the evening’s trend, seasonal preferences and previously collected data enables the notification for a timely refill of certain substances thus prohibiting bottlenecks. The first alarm signal is discreetly conveyed by an inconsiderable wristband via vibration for a smallest possible workflow interruption. In addition to that the barkeeper can now request detailed information about the warning through the BarM8 screen. Finally communication channels between the staff can be minimized by customizing the alarm to different areas of responsibility.

Equipped with all these features the BarM8 system sees to maximize production speed that results in satisfied customers and even simplifies the location owner’s monitoring abilities of his stock.
In the future it is thinkable to link our system to existing digital ordering systems. Here waitresses and waiters would instantly receive information on their order-boys about currently not producible drinks or even meals.
Furthermore a digital drinks menu provided by a smartphone application could only display producible drinks or emphazise those products that are low trending.

BarM8 – Resource Management System

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After five days of concentrated work and the efficient use of exclusive Google tools, we are glad to announce that we have developed a useful interface for Barkeepers. BarM8 (Bar-mate) is a Resource management system for larger bars and clubs. It gives the the barkeeper a holistic overview of ingredients and material. Furthermore it increases productivity, through an interruption less workflow. “Big-Bang” situations where customers can’t be served anymore can be avoided. After the barkeeper has entered the actual state of all resources, BarM8’s exclusive early waning system warns the barkeeper if ingredients will become low. Bartenders can focus on their customers, and runners know which beverages they have to fetch from the stock. BarM8 is based on a recipe database that consists of all drinks and their recipes that are served. Using the database and intelligent pre-calculation BarM8 is able to calculate the need of ingredients for the whole evening.
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User Research “on the house”

User Research, WS1213

Keeping a bar can be very demanding job: mixing various drinks with tons of different ingredients in a short period of time, keeping an overview over the inventory, calculating bills in your head and always maintaining a polite smile on your face even if dealing with customers that show arguable manners.

Interview OnlyLoungeOur goal is to improve the everyday working life of bartenders. In order to discover potentials or obstructions we ran five interviews with bartenders of different locations in Munich. Although we haven’t given our data an in-depth analysis yet, we already found some interesting mutualities like the advantages and disadvantages of electronic payment-systems or the difficulty to keep track of ingredients and other resources like decorations or glassware. In addition to that, hindered communication between bartender colleagues in naturally very noisy environments and under pressure seems to complicate their working routine.

We are looking forward to next week, where we begin sorting and interpreting our gained information, as well as developing a raw concept.