We’ve been to the local police department. From the base of our research we developed a new concept for a handhold radio communication interface.
We discovered the following main problems:

* finding the right target in a list, e.g. the right frequency group,
* finding the right functions in a menu structure with high complexity and
* getting the current status of the system right.

From that we focused on the structure of the main menu.
We designed a few different functions for the interface of our so called PoliFon – a police radio communication system:

* a shock-resistant hardcase with a built-in touchscreen of high robustness,
* a long-life battery,
* a function to search all functions and contents from the main menu and
* fast access buttons on the left side of the hardware, next to the push-to-talk button to
manage the display lightning, sound and profiles

This invention leads to following benefits:
* less teaching courses,
* fast access in cases of emergency and
* handling without previous knowledge.



DSC_0003 (2)

After analyzing and organizing the data we gathered during our User Research at the Police Department it became apparent that the most common problem of the policemen are complicated interfaces that are hard to use especially during dangerous situations.

That’s why we focused our work on designing the “PoliFon” – a device close to a Smartphone that isn’t just generally easy to use but also presents the most important features so quickly accessible that everyone can find them even under the high pressure that policemen often have to deal with during precarious operations.

The “PoliFon” also simplifies the communication of new operations between the headquarters and the officer as it presents additional information such as the location and the type of the incident on the screen. This way the policeman is informed faster and misunderstandings can be avoided.

User Research – Police

User Research, WS1314

Our research group visited the police presidency of Munich and conducted interviews.

We found five police officers who where kind enough to take some time to answer our questions, made interesting observations and found a good point to continue our research.
We made use of sound recording and took notes to document the interviews, in order to evaluate them later.

Furthermore we got an impression of the work routine of the police presidency.

We are looking forward to the next step where we will evaluate the results and will iteratively develop a design concept that could help the officers during their challenging job.