Concept, Group 02, Videoprototype, WS1516

We discovered a lack of personal relationship between the customer and the delivery service.

Our product IndiVood tries to improve the relationship by personalizing the food presented to the customer.
The goal is that the costumer comes back to his new found favorite delivery service.

By syncing your fitness and personal data with our application we are able to generate a personal profile specifically for your diet.

With this profile we can recommend a suitable choice of food fitting to your life. Thanks to IndiVood untypical target groups for delivery services can be reached.
They gain the chance to seperate from the national players and profile themselves towards the customers.

Even small companies can use this concept, optimize the ordering transactions and provide better content for the customers.
With IndiVood new opportunities for advertizing and partnerships arise. Cooperations with gyms or health centers are self-evident.

Conclusively we want to emphasize that our concept is not only applicable for the personalization based on the score of fitness-data.
Of course the idea is adaptable in a further context. At this point it’s also imaginable that the user also receives suggestions based on his allergical fettle. It also seems obvious to not only offer our idea to customer services – there is a widespread scope for application situations.

Let’s summarize: The concept is a win-win situation for both, the customer and the provider. Our app video prototype points it out impressively:

We are looking forward to integrate our concept in the impersonal online world.
Never rust, embrace that change in a direction of customized proposals.
It’s worth it!

Storyboard & Concept

Concept, Group 02, WS1516


We did research on food delivery services. Analyzing our data from the interviews and observations we found out that establishing good customer relations is most important.

Especially customers who order through the big companies like Lieferando or Lieferheld don’t even know where their meals have been cooked.

This results in a lack of customer relation and dependence. We developed our own concept of a local system that could be installed separately for any food delivery service.

We call it „IndiVood“!

IndiVood makes it possible to suggest individual meals to the customers. These suggestions are made according to the personal taste and furthermore fit to the activities of the customers.

This customer focused approach will result in better customer relation and a higher level of customer satisfaction.
We are eager to produce a Videoprototype based on the storyboard.

User Research

Group 02, User Research, WS1516
“If we were in a science fiction film, we’d use teleports or drones to send the products to our customers.”

Sounds brilliant – doesn’t it?

We, team 2, like to open our first blog post with this quote from one of our interviews.

This reflects the fundamental set of problems we discovered during our research at the Munich delivery services Alkoport, Avanti and Staro Pizza. The most critical aspect undoubtably is time! It is essential that pizza is delivered warm and valuable. The customer is king – no he’s emperor!

Our picture compilation points that out impressively: There are a lot of different ways to deliver food but they all pursue the optimization of logistics. All companies have realized that time is changing. Nowadays the use of mobile devices is standard. New opportunities are arising for the ordering customer and for the provider’s distribution service. That’s great. Isn’t it?

It is a win-win situation! What more do you want? Drones?
We are looking forward to the development of our prototype to initiate a system that provides this process support.