Videoprototype: Balloon Box

Group 05, Videoprototype, WS1516

One of the most urgent issues we encountered during our research-phase was by far the unsave transportation of groceries. It is a very common problem that food inside thermo boxes is leaking during the transportation. This may happen out of various reasons, like bumpy roads for example. Also, food is often not appropriately packed up by the restaurants, this goes especially for soups. Since most of the drivers employed by these delivery companies are using bikes, the problem unfortunatly appears at a very high rate. This is why we focused on the question of ‘how might we improve food transportation’.

We had a wide and rather creative range of ideas to solve this problem. It was important that it is not only efficent, but also realizable for companies to use. So we came up with a particularly save and easy solution to fix this problem. We used air cushions on the inside of the boxes. With a switch on the outside of the thermo box, it is possible to inflate the air cushions. This way it is not possible that food flips and leaks inside our box. Moreover it is a very cost efficent solution and even a common thermo box be uprgraded with our prototype.
Using this inflatible air thermo boxes not only improves the looks and condition of food delivered, it also pleases the companys and customers, since it decreases the number of rejected delivers. In the end, this investment would be a long term solution which provides a more satisfying customer experience.

Storyboard & Concept

Concept, Group 05, WS1516



After a week of extensive user research and analysis, we managed to extract the main problems in food delivery companies, that use bikes. We came to the conclusion that the most painful problem is to keep food undamaged during delivery.
Often the food arrives in bad condition, especially soup, because delivering food on a bike is sometimes literally a rocky road.
Given this information, we choose to develop a concept to improve food packaging. We explored different solutions, including a gyroscope, balloons, bubble wrap, but we choose the easiest(and probably cheapest) option. We decided on using inflated plastic bags to prevent the food containers from moving in the bike delivery box.
Our final storyboard(and video prototype) is an fantasy interpretetion of the delivery flow, showing how much effort the delivery guy puts into it, and highlighting how important it is to make this process easier and more succesful with our concept.

User Research: Food delivery services

Group 05, User Research, WS1516

We at team 5 (also known as “Fuddies“) decided to focus our efforts on a rather interesting aspect of the transportation industry: Food deliveries and all companies involved in the process. To gather data we observed the workflow within several restaurants, held interviews with people working at restaurants and observed a driver working for Foodora during his shift.


We gathered insight into the equipment used by the participating restaurants, learned about potential problems in the process and heard about the systems involved from the perspective of the people using them via the means of interviews and prolonged observations.

To maximize the amount of data generated for the later phases of the concept development process, we spread our interviews over several different restaurants and jobs. While we did observe some differences, in most cases the experience was very similar.

With our preparations complete, we are ready to analyze the data gathered and generate ideas based on our observations.