Dynamic Food

Group 09, Videoprototype, WS1516

The Problem of our target group

From our interviewees, including Call-a-Pizza, Amazon Fresh USA, Bento Box, Bonjour Munich, Isarquelle and others, we discovered a very common problem amongst food delivery services.They have, depending on season and region, widely fluctuating orders, so it is not worth to recruit more employees permanently.

This causes them to lose customer appreciation and satisfaction, while losing out on possible income.

The Approach of Dynamic Food

Our solution is based on people who are willing to offer their services as a driver.They can be booked by the food delivery services in short notice with our mobile network application.

The contract details are dynamically negotiated via the booking procedure.

The Benefit of Dynamic Food

The delivery services are more profitable and agile, allowing them to respond more quickly to high order volumes and can compensate personell shortage by using our mobile network application.
The daily use of smartphones and tablets is an advantage for our service, because it allows fast and reliable booking of additional drivers.

The Next Steps of Dynamic Food

One could introduce an evaluation function for service provides, which can evaluate external driver according to quality, experience and knowledge of human nature.It would be possible to expand the existing service to not only food deliveries, but transportation in general, such as running errands and package delivery.


Concept, Group 09, WS1516

In the course of interviewing and active user research we came across many issues in the delivery process of the companies. During the brainstorming phase we sorted information about the problems and summarized. We came to the conclusion that sudden shortage of drivers during peak demand or accidents in the delivery process are a frequent problem in the business. Our concept solves this issue by offering delivery companies the ability to rent external drivers for short periods. This prevents long delivery times for the customer caused by events like football games or absence of a driver.


Our final sketches for the video concept describe the workflow of a pizza driver using our software solution. After a car break down the driver calls his boss who is furious about the  unforseen incident. First overstrained he discovers our app which he can use to immedietly rent an extra driver.  The new driver sees the message on his phone, drives to the accident and  prevents personal shortage so the pizzas can be delivered on time.

Dynamic Food

Group 09, User Research, WS1516


we are the team “Dynamic Food”! During the last three days we interviewed the following service providers: Call-A-Pizza, Bonjour Munich, Amazon Fresh USA, Bento Box, Isarquelle and a former driver of several pizza delivery services.

We focused on food derlivery services. In the course of our interviews we noticed slight differences and similarities between the service providers. Amazon Fresh USA focuses on the delivery of fresh ingredients from local markets for daily use, Bonjour Munich offers a high quality custom breakfast and lunch for companies and individuals, Bento-Box and Call-A-Pizza are classical food delivery services and Isarquelles revenue is mainly baised on beverages. We also got first hand insights about the classical delivery process during the interview with the former driver of Avanti.

The popular problems were technical difficulties, time issues, sufficient qualified personell, unpolite customers and the absence of tips.

In the next days we will evaluate these results to get an idea for our final concept.