Video Prototype

Group 01, SS2019, Videoprototype

What is it?

OfficeMaps is an online tool, which provides information about the location of employees, primarily developed for businesses, who have implemented the concept of “New Work”.

The interface shows an officemap and where the employees, in form of avatars, are located. Each employee has a status, like “Home Office”, “in office”, “in meeting”, “out of office” etc.

How does it work?

The workers are tracked automatically through card-sensors in doorways. For exact localization, the employee can scan their card at their respective workplace, if they choose not to, their avatar is only shown in the room they’re currently in. Only teammates can view their locations and if desired the location can also not be shared at all and has to be requested if needed. There is also the possibility to use relaxation rooms, where employees are not tracked.


OfficeMaps satisfies the need to find coworkers fast and uncomplicated in an open space workplace.

Their privacy is respected as well, as the scan on the respective workspace is optional and the location can only be seen by teammates. Furthermore, if an employee doesn’t want to share their whereabouts, the information has to be requested for it to be shared.

Next Steps

Calendars could be integrated in OfficeMaps. Meetings and workshops could be added automatically. That could also allow the workers to request meetings.

The avatar could also show the mood of the employee, for example if they’re stressed or tired, their coworkers know to not disturb them.


Concept, Group 01, SS2019

The storyboard shows Karl going to work. As he’s entering the office, the card is scanned automatically by built-in sensors in the doorway. Now OfficeMaps knows that Karl is situated in the building. Every workplace is equipped with a card-scanner, where the workers can scan their card and therefore be visible for OfficeMaps. Otherwise OfficeMaps only shows which room they’re working in and not their exact workplace. Karl decided to share his location with his coworkers. If someone is looking for Karl, they can simply use the search-function on OfficeMaps. On the storyboard, we see a customer asking for Karl at the front desk, the secretary searching for Karl’s location on OfficeMaps and then communicating the information to the customer. With the provided instruction, the client can easily find Karl in the office building.

User Research

Group 01, SS2019, User Research

In this day and age traditional working methods have become outdated and a demand for more modern techniques to cope with globalisation and digitalisation has emerged. This development has led to the concept of “New Work”, where teamwork and efficiency are a major priority and the goal is to optimise the individual’s work-life-balance.

For our project’s UX Research we conducted our interviews with the company “Serviceplan”, which is based in Munich and has embedded the concept of “New Work” in their firm. They provide flexible working spaces, like stand-up desks, large conference tables in an open space, lounge chairs, etc., so the employees are not constricted to one cubicle or desk anymore. Furthermore, outdoor working areas are implemented and “HomeOffice” is an option as well.

We noticed that even though the business is a forerunner regarding “New Work”, there are still areas with room for improvement, e.g. meetings and the combination of various communication tools.