Concept, Group 02, SS2019

The storyboard shows a person presumably in private, having a Bavarian breakfast while listening to loud music.
What we haven’t been made aware of yet is that the scenario is in fact taking place in an open space at his workplace. His co-workers are visibly disturbed by the loud music and odor.
Not wanting to address this privately, a co-worker is opening up a tool called Solvy, to draft an issue regarding the current disturbance and is then uploading it anonymously. A lot of fellow co-workers are relating to the issue and thus are upvoting and commenting on it, which is showcased by the red light seen on the mood indicator. Some users are leaving possible solutions to the problem, such as setting up a separate room for people to indulge in their Bavarian culture. The solution that received the biggest amount of upvotes is then getting implemented.

Video Prototype

Group 02, SS2019, Videoprototype

Open Space makes you unhappy? Don’t worry use Solvy.

Solvy is a tool, which allows employees to anonymously address problems, concerns and worries in their workspace.

Users are able to share problems through posts which others then can upvote, comment or even suggest solutions for. To show users how severe a problem is, a mood indicator changes its colors according to the importance of that problem which is decided by the amount of upvotes it received.

During our research we identified a common problem amongst offices with open workspaces, which was: “Employees don’t address problems due to the lack of room and fear of consequences.”

Solvy creates that missing space, which enables people to talk more openly about problems without having to fear negative reactions. The tool therefore lowers ones’ inhibition threshold. It also encourages users to propose solutions and collectively find the ones, that will meet the general consent through the upvoting feature.

A way to improve the tool could be establishing rules on what users are allowed to post, in order to avoid cyber bullying and spam. Appointing community moderators could be another method to monitor the posts for a peaceful environment.

User Research

Group 02, SS2019, User Research
trying out a tool developed by New Work Tools

The main idea of New Work is to give people freedom to be more creative and to support each individual to develop their full potential. For most it means getting rid of traditional ways of working and moving on to modern work concepts. Some might even say it is a lifestyle.

Wondering in which ways to enrich the daily work life, we decided to take a look at different companies – some with a lot of experience with New Work concepts and some who are still in the process of figuring out how to introduce it. In Interviews we were fortunate enough to gain insights on how those companies implement their work concepts. For example we were able to take a look around Werk1 and experience how a co-working space is utilized.

During these interviews we collected lots of helpful information and were already able to identify some problems. Ultimately we hope to create a tool to improve and support the everyday life of a worker in the future.