NEW WORK – Video Prototype

Group 04, SS2019, Videoprototype

What is it?

Smart Wall is a unique way to lower the noise level in an Open Office without compromising the benefits of an Open Office.

How does it work?

The glass of Smart Wall is equipped with state-of-the-art noise-cancelling technology, which significantly reduces noise levels with anti-sound waves. Thanks to its wheels, it can be set up effortlessly anywhere in the office and then easily stowed away again. In addition, it is possible to switch from simple glass to milk glass at the touch of a button. Also, Smart Wall can be used as an additional display.


  • Noise reduction
  • Additional display
  • Privacy
  • Flexible
  • Effortless set up

⮞ An acoustic but not spatial separation

Next Steps

Smart Wall can be used as an additional display for own purposes or to share your screen with other colleagues.

NEW WORK – Storyboard

Concept, Group 04, SS2019

After conducting several interviews with people from different professional fields who work in open-spaces, we came up with three insights. The insight we focused on is: “due to an open room design, there are no inhibitions to address someone but inhibitions to reject someone and that disturbs others”.

Smart Wall – Storyboard

Our solution for the insight is a flexible wall made of glass, which treats through various options not only one of our insights. One of these options is to make the glass milky which solves our second insight, through mutual control you feel observed and this worsens the atmosphere but increases productivity. However, the main task of the wall is to reduce the noise level in the room and create a pleasant working atmosphere for each employee in each individual working position. In order to visualize our idea of the “Smart Wall” and to present the functions in a comprehensible way, we have created the storyboard shown above.

NEW WORK – User Research

Group 04, SS2019, User Research

Since the industrial revolution, work consisted of executing a certain task that was part of a process, serving to craft a certain product. In today’s world, humans want to have fun at work, they want it to merge with their private life and to eventually reach self-actualization. This is where the concept of New Work and work-life-blending comes in; a new work environment which is supposed to be more fun, social but individualized, flexible but productive, more creative but more affordable.

Open offices, coworking spaces, and home offices are meant to be offering all of these features. Their concept drifts away from separate office rooms and permanent working places to large, open spaces with flexible work desks and working times, offering comfortable places to network and exchange ideas.

While all of this sounds great at first sight, we contacted companies whose employees are working in such environments and that were kind enough to let us speak to some of them, to find out if the new work concept is as flawless and what one could improve to make it even better.