New Work – Team 5 – Video Prototype „ProTracker Projektverwaltung”

Group 05, SS2019, Videoprototype

What is it

ProTracker is a web-based project management tool designed to show the progress and responsibilities of any project at a glance. Additionally, it enables centralised communication and reduces time spent in status meetings. Take a look for yourself!

Video is in German with German and English subtitles available.

How does it work?

ProTracker creates a unique website for each project, so employees can access and edit all relevant information in a centralised location. Project status and progress is visible for your clients as well.

Because each employee logs in with their own account, tasks can be assigned and responsibilities can be tracked.


As mentioned above, ProTracker is a web based application, meaning no additional software is required to use it.
Our main goal is to reduce the number of tools used for project management in order to make communication and collaboration easier in your company and with clients.

Both internal and external requirements can be viewed and any project updates may be sent to the responsible team members as a Push Notification. Clients can visit your project website at any time and don’t need to call in to request a status update. ProTracker therefore reduces the number of meetings held externally and internally.

Next Steps

To improve the service, more existing management tools and communication platforms may be integrated into ProTracker. Additions could include a corporate messaging service and an app for creating meeting minutes.

New Work – Storyboard “Project Management ProTracker” – Team 5

Concept, Group 05, SS2019

The storyboard first shows a customer (red bowtie) who calls a secretary at your company (blue tie). The customer asks “what is going on?”.
Even though the secretary doesn’t know the answer, ProTracker software allows them to easily find the project the customer is calling about. With one click, the customer gets a status update via email and the secretary won’t need to ask a coworker for the necessary information.
Now the customer wants to make a change in the project – in this case a new logo is requested.
The secretary is able to notify the relevant employee who owns the project and let them know that there is an update to the project via the Add Task button.
In the last drawing, the developer responsible for changing the logo gets a notification about the new task added by the secretary, competing the story.

New Work – User Research – Group 5

Group 05, SS2019, User Research

We spent the past three days talking to experts from​ factory42​, ​IDnow​ and ​brigk​.

factory42: In terms of teamwork, employees’ consensus was that the many meetings held are required to keep the software and sales teams on the same page. Common issues mentioned include their dependency on the internet as well as their clients’ lack of modern communication platforms.

IDnow: Collaboration and teamwork are key because different departments work together to handle customer enquiries. This is facilitated by the openness of the office and its layout: Teams that need to collaborate sit closer to each other, so the needed colleague is never far away. This is very different from factory42. Employees there prefer to message because their colleagues may be sitting further away or be out of office (e. g. in Home Office).

The founder of Coworking Space brigk had a unique perspective of the modern workplace. At brigk, planned meetings are less important than personal conversations. In this very diverse environment, the largest issue is the lack of a shared calendar. This is the area that could be improved upon the most.