Video Prototype

Group 06, SS2019, Videoprototype

We created a tool for knowledge workers, like freelancers or employees, who manage their time themselves. We call it TrueTime. The Main Focus is on Work-Life-Balance. We created TrueTime for you, an individual who struggle to manage your time. Some people work without breaks, others take breaks without working. TrueTime will change it. Generally speaking, TrueTime is a tool that helps you to balance your working time and free time. Nobody should work more than they can handle. Exactly as everyone should work as much as they can.

At the beginning you have to do a personality test just like every other user. Thus, we determine a first approximation of your working method. We record when you work and when you take a break using various techniques. State-of-the-art technology analyses the way you work and compares it with the results of your personality test. TrueTime automatically creates a perfect work plan for the next few weeks.
You have a different plan for one day and can’t work? No problem! TrueTime analyzes your calendar and does not plan any work on such days.

With TrueTime we enable you to generate your perfect work-life balance. You don’t have to worry so much about when you work. You can now focus on from where you work. TrueTime is your smart assistant, you’ll always carry with you.


Concept, Group 06, SS2019
Our story describes a use case for our application called „True Time“.

This is Tom, a knowledge worker who loves to spend time at the beach. Enjoying the calming sound of the waves, he totally forgets about his duties. Luckily, „True Time“ reminds him that he has been chilling three days in a row at the beach without doing anything for his job. Tom, who obviously is that „I’m gonna work three days and nights straight, then get back to the beach and do nothing“ person doesn’t know yet, that he’d be much more productive if he had a healthier work-life balance. Luckily „True Time“ helps him to organize his time through the weeks to achieve a better quality of life.

User Research

Group 06, SS2019, User Research

In today’s world, where technology continues to grow, more and more different ways of working appear to be more flexible and useful. In interviews with knowledge workers we want to find out how “new work” already influences them in their daily work, how they will work in the future, which advantages and disadvantages and difficulties they will encounter and which possibilities there will be through a change in working life.
So far, the interviews have shown that working life already differs greatly from that of a few years ago and that the development of new ways of working is progressing more and more. For example, we had an interviewee from a company who changed from a permanent office to an “open space” office. We also notice that the possibilities for “home office” are increasing and that there is a growing interest in it.
We have also been able to identify some suggestions for improvement and are looking forward to processing this data and are excited about the results that will ultimately be achieved.