Video Prototype

Group 06, SS2019, Videoprototype

We created a tool for knowledge workers, like freelancers or employees, who manage their time themselves. We call it TrueTime. The Main Focus is on Work-Life-Balance. We created TrueTime for you, an individual who struggle to manage your time. Some people work without breaks, others take breaks without working. TrueTime will change it. Generally speaking, TrueTime is a tool that helps you to balance your working time and free time. Nobody should work more than they can handle. Exactly as everyone should work as much as they can.

At the beginning you have to do a personality test just like every other user. Thus, we determine a first approximation of your working method. We record when you work and when you take a break using various techniques. State-of-the-art technology analyses the way you work and compares it with the results of your personality test. TrueTime automatically creates a perfect work plan for the next few weeks.
You have a different plan for one day and can’t work? No problem! TrueTime analyzes your calendar and does not plan any work on such days.

With TrueTime we enable you to generate your perfect work-life balance. You don’t have to worry so much about when you work. You can now focus on from where you work. TrueTime is your smart assistant, you’ll always carry with you.


Concept, Group 06, SS2019
Our story describes a use case for our application called „True Time“.

This is Tom, a knowledge worker who loves to spend time at the beach. Enjoying the calming sound of the waves, he totally forgets about his duties. Luckily, „True Time“ reminds him that he has been chilling three days in a row at the beach without doing anything for his job. Tom, who obviously is that „I’m gonna work three days and nights straight, then get back to the beach and do nothing“ person doesn’t know yet, that he’d be much more productive if he had a healthier work-life balance. Luckily „True Time“ helps him to organize his time through the weeks to achieve a better quality of life.

User Research

Group 06, SS2019, User Research

In today’s world, where technology continues to grow, more and more different ways of working appear to be more flexible and useful. In interviews with knowledge workers we want to find out how “new work” already influences them in their daily work, how they will work in the future, which advantages and disadvantages and difficulties they will encounter and which possibilities there will be through a change in working life.
So far, the interviews have shown that working life already differs greatly from that of a few years ago and that the development of new ways of working is progressing more and more. For example, we had an interviewee from a company who changed from a permanent office to an “open space” office. We also notice that the possibilities for “home office” are increasing and that there is a growing interest in it.
We have also been able to identify some suggestions for improvement and are looking forward to processing this data and are excited about the results that will ultimately be achieved.

Video Prototype

Group 06, Videoprototype, WS1819
Video Prototype Group 6

Meet “Lock & Roll”. It is the world’s first smart locker that revolutionizes the timeworn retail experience.
While interviewing store managers and customers alike, we discovered a discrepancy between the customer’s need to touch and try a product before buying and the convenience of home delivery that online shopping provides, and smaller stores in particular can’t match.

Our idea aims to bridge that gap. By making it possible to deliver anything you put in the locker to your doorstep, you do not need to carry your heavy shopping bags around in the city or your big suitcase home when travelling.

All you need is a smartphone and our App and an account which holds the information about your address as well as your bank account for a fast and easy payment. The App is very easy to use as it guides you through every step of the process. Just by standing next to one of our lockers, it will use your current position to tell you how many vacant lockers are located nearby. After clicking „Open a Locker“, you are asked to choose between four possible locker sizes. Next it is possible to either select „Pick up Later“ or „Deliver it to me“. When the second option has been chosen, one of our Lock & Roll employees will deliver your belongings right to your doorstep just a few hours later.

After our video-prototype, the next steps are a field test to get more informations and data about the needs and problems our future customers will have.

Concept – Group 6

Concept, Group 06, WS1819

During our user research we discovered that many people like ordering online, because it is more convenient for them to have it delivered to their doorsteps. Still, many people also prefer going to the store to get consulting and to be able to see and touch the product before buying it.

We wanted to come up with a solution that would draw people that order online – because of convenience reasons – into retail stores, while also making it more convenient for people to buy more in one go when going to the city.

Our solution is called “Lock&Roll” and we offer lockers that are placed nearby malls, shopping centers or in the downtown. Users have the ability to lock their purchases away so they have their hands free to shop more. But most importantly, we also offer a delivery service for a small fee. Users can simply lock away all their shopping bags, can walk home with free hands, and have all their bags delivered to them when they arrive home.

User Research in Retail – Big and Small

Group 06, User Research, WS1819
Customer Interview in the bookstore Buch und Bohne

Our first interview was at “Zweirad Stadler”, a large bike shop that offers bikes for testing in the shop before purchasing. The interview revealed that this field needs local stores, and combining them with digital offers can present a great benefit.
The bookstore “Buch und Bohne” is in a similar position. We observed a very personal relationship with customers, which is an integral part of the “café meets bookstore” concept. Contrary to logistics, for example, personal advising of customers can only be digitalized to a certain degree.
Similarly, a small vinyl shop called “Best Records” focuses on personal advice and the owner does not deem digitizing anything beyond his basic web presence relevant.

In contrast, “Sportscheck” and “Sport Förg” have long digitized all processes concerning e.g. logistics, warehouse management, cash registers and customer acquisition – every customer has his own unique account, collecting relevant data. All staff has access to these accounts, enabling ideal advising of the customer. Sport Förg also offers workshops, discount campaigns, and a ski simulator to attract customers.


Group 06, Videoprototype, WS1718

When asking teachers about the possibilities of e-learning some very distinct patterns appear in most of their answers: Yes, e-learning can generate great benefits! No, e-learning isn’t used to its full potential in the classroom right now. Subpar usage of e-learning methods will either create too big of a distraction for students or will not add any value compared to traditional lessons at all.

Our solution of an interactive cross-platform real time-updating lecture notes app aims to take this knowledge we gathered during our research and turn it into an intuitive, easy-to-use app that benefits both teachers and students at the same time by essentially cutting out all the unnecessary time consuming processes of traditional non-digital teaching and enhancing the less than ideal interactive part of current in-class e-learning methods.

It offers teachers a way to assemble their lecture notes from all sorts of different sources into one central place from where they synced with student devices. These digital lecture notes can be edited on the fly to add explanatory videos, GIFs, images, links and notes, essentially creating a script that the teacher can edit and adjust whenever and wherever and immediately show these changes on the whiteboard projection.
Our app offers vivid interaction for students as well allowing them to pose questions anonymously, give feedback, take notes and have a discussion about what’s thought both inside and outside of the classroom.
It further allows teachers to create interactive quizzes spontaneously to enhance class participation and engagement.
Additionally our app shows several statistics on quizzes and student participation in order to give teachers an insight as to what they can improve about their own lessons.

Through technology we aim to better the interaction between teachers and their students. We believe that through our solution we can strip traditional lessons of their weary one-sidedness and engage students while still maintaining the very important human aspect of learning that gets lost with over-digitalization.

Our future plans include building a working prototype and pitching to publishing companies in order to collaborate with them as well as to get the official support of the ministry of education at state level. We would then field test out methods in a classroom and ultimately strive for world domination.