Videoprototype: “POLARES”

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POLARES stands for „POLice Anti REdundancy System“. A system developed to improve the daily work of the police by supporting mission documentation and synchronization, coordination and administration. Using pre filled input forms, the police officer can record data easily with full concentration on the person concerned. Furthermore POLARES decreases redundant office work by creating mission reports automatically from the input form, which leads to more efficient police work since wasting time by copying the same data multiple times is abolished.

Besides the data of missions, the database stores relevant informations of public objects like banks, schools or other public buildings. Based on this data, the system organizes the updating process by reminding the responsible persons, which had to be done by the police officer so far.

In the future it might be supposable to add a social app for the organization of work and holiday times among the officers. Also an expansion on other states is desirable.

Concept: “POLARES”

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After our user research, we began to analyze and evaluate the collected data. By using different methods, we came to the conclusion, that organization and administration is the main area we wanted to focus on. Especially lack of synchronization and redundant recording of data were aspects, which in our opinion needed to be improved.

In return, we decided to develop a uniform system that collects data consistently from every unit of a typical police process and synchronized that data.

Instead of multiple data entries, POLARES creates the possibility to capture data already on the road. This goal is reached by using different input masks for different cases, which are partly pre filled by the system and are very easy to be completed.

easy, reliable, modern – POLARES is the tool of the police of tomorrow already today.


User Research: Police

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The first phase of Concept Development was the user research. Since we chose the police as our user group, we arranged 5 interviews at 3 different police stations: Starnberg, Munich, Hasenbergl.

From the interviews and the field research, we managed to reach many interesting informations about the daily life in a police station, even if it was not that easy in terms of privacy protection to observe that much of their work.

Besides the work in the control room, we were allowed to document several devices, like radio and other parts of the standard equipment used in the daily routine of a police officer.

In summary the interviews and the observation were really exciting and enlightening and we are looking forward to analyze the results and on this basis develop a helpful concept to improve the daily work of a police officer.Image