Organising Team (LMU Munich)


Alexander Wiethoff
Interaction Designer, lecturer, and researcher at LMU Munich
Alexander lives and works in Munich, Germany and has more than 10 years’ professional consulting experience in UX development and delivery which has included work for fortune 500 clients, such as Intel, BMW, Bosch-Siemens Household Appliances, Samsung Mobile and Siemens Enterprise Networks among many others.


 Hanna Schneider
Hanna is currently PhD candidate at LMU Munich investigating how we can detect and address individual differences in the design of health and wellbeing technologies. She has a M.Sc. in Human-Computer Interaction and Design from University College of London  and Université Paris Sud and a B.Sc. in Media Informatics from LMU Munich. In the course concept development, she is the students’ primary contact person.

Guest speakers and coaches

Alexandra Pretschner

Studio Director at IXDS Munich

Kalle Kormann-Philipson

Owner & CEO at INNUID

Andrea Schöllgen

Design Lead at IXDS Munich

Anselm Bauer

Founder and CTO Frontend of Stylight

Veronika Ritzer

Designer at IXDS Munich

Marin Zec

Researcher at TU Munich


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