User Research: Gastronomy

User Research, WS1213

We are group 02 and decided right away to do our field study in gastronomy.
Therefore we interviewed following people:
An owner of a restaurant, waitress in a snack bar, an owner of a catering service and snack bar, a shift supervisor of a coffee shop and another owner of a restaurant.

ImageOur result is that most of them are hardly using technical devices. They are only having a register and take their orders by writing them down on paper. At one restaurant they only punch up the price, at another one they choose the dishes. Just at the coffee shop there are also buzzers for checking the toilets or the tables.
Another result is that it is important for them to ensure the quality of the food and drinks. At the restaurants the dishes are very fresh and recently cooked. In contrast they are using a lot of concentrates for the huge amount of costumers at the coffee shop.