We’ve been to the local police department. From the base of our research we developed a new concept for a handhold radio communication interface.
We discovered the following main problems:

* finding the right target in a list, e.g. the right frequency group,
* finding the right functions in a menu structure with high complexity and
* getting the current status of the system right.

From that we focused on the structure of the main menu.
We designed a few different functions for the interface of our so called PoliFon – a police radio communication system:

* a shock-resistant hardcase with a built-in touchscreen of high robustness,
* a long-life battery,
* a function to search all functions and contents from the main menu and
* fast access buttons on the left side of the hardware, next to the push-to-talk button to
manage the display lightning, sound and profiles

This invention leads to following benefits:
* less teaching courses,
* fast access in cases of emergency and
* handling without previous knowledge.