User Research in F11-IT LMU

Group 07


We, the Group 7, visited the User Research IT office of the faculty for psychology and pedagogy. The interviews took place in the afteroon of the 16th of march 2015 and in the morning of the 17th of march 2015.

In the process among others, we interviewed the CIO & CSO Dr. Degenhardt, deputy director of the office and the head of the user support. By what we got interesting insights in the daily routine of these persons, what technology they use to support them and what things they are dealing with constantly.

Furthermore we asked two longtime employees of the office, who are confronted more with the daily business and the user questions. All data gained, we now have the opportunity to go on to our next step in the design process, the evaluation. In this next step we are trying to develop a perfect balanced concept for our target group, which fits their needs and we will deliberate about whether the advantage over one design prototype is good or not.