Concept, Group 03, WS1617

Over the last week, we as a team have been working with the data collected through the numerous interviews. After an in-depth analysis, we have come to the conclusion that the communication between doctors is insufficient. Medical records of a patient are primarily saved in analog form, thus transferring records from one doctor’s office to the next is very time-consuming. Not only is time wasted, but the patient lacks control of his own records.

Team A – Storyboard

Through various breakout sessions, in which ideation techniques were used, and through many diverging and converging phases our solution, to the previously mentioned inadequate state, was formed and is called “Smart eCard”. The card is equipped with a memory chip. This allows doctors to save the patients medical records directly on the card and obtain all necessary information needed for the treatment without making patients wait or fill out forms.

Team B – Storyboard