Concept, Group 04

Our final product the “Holo Medic” is a system to improve the communication between doctors and rescue assistants. It allows doctors to see the accident through the eyes of the rescue assistant and let’s them debate about further steps to help the patient. You could say it’s a one way video with a two way audio call. In our video prototype we realised this concept with a HoloLens but it could be done with most head-mounted displays that are capable to process audio and video in real time. For the transmission we planed on using the telecommunication infrastructure, because in times of LTE sending a video stream in decent quality isn’t a problem anymore.

As one might already see one of the biggest improvements would be that the doctor can see the injuries right at the place of accident and would be better prepared for a possible surgery. Another big improvement would be the direct communication between doctor and rescue assistant so the doctor can advise the assistant to properly take care of the victim. The last enhancement is the ability to show additional information like a navigation system to get to the accident faster or information about the patient like previous injuries or allergies on the display.

The next step would be to make some more iterations of the methods we learned to further refine our concept. Afterwards we have to complete the implementation of the user interface and establish a communication end point for the doctors.

User Research: Fire Brigade


Our group went to two fire brigade stations to do user research in the form of a semi-structured interview. Having met the rural volunteer fire brigade in Wolfratshausen and an urban volunteer fire brigade in Munich (Stadtmitte), we can tell that they both use similar technical support with some differences in terms of usability and technical progress.

Through the interviews we had the opportunity to explore different tasks and equipment that is used in the work environment of a firefighter. We got to know that technical devices have to function properly regardless of temperatures and weather conditions. This is an important point to consider in the later development of our concept.

In addition an apprentice of the fire brigade in Fürth answered our questions by e-mail, so that we could gather information from another perspective. In summary the interviews provided a lot of informations for us to analyse in the next phase of our design process.