User Research Team 08

Group 08, User Research, WS1617

For the first phase of user research, we visited five health professionals of different specializations who were kind enough to lend us some of their time for interviews. In addition, we got the chance to take pictures of medical equipment and facilities. The results of this were very suspenseful we think.

The human factor is a very important part of the medical sector. Friendly and competent staff inspires confidence in patients. Devices have to fit smoothly into the process without interrupting it. In regards to appointments the telephone remains the number one medium as personal dialog is still the best way to estimate the urgency of an investigation or therapy.

In practice office work like documentation, data transfer from tools to PC and managing user date take up a large amount of time. Software solutions suffer from a lack of uniformity: Many different vendors contribute and devices and interfaces of different vendors are not compatible from the get-go.

We’re excited to delve further into this mass of information.