G8 Videoprototype

Group 08, Videoprototype, WS1516

-How might we improve the image of drones?-

This is the underlying problem we discovered from our first approaches to package delivery via drones. Multicopters are usually associated with military and espionage and we try to change this by highlighting an entirely different field of use.
Also, by branding our multicopters as Kolibri, we hope to improve the initial impression of our product.

-Drones – not only for taking lives-

Our videoprototype displays the contrast between current use of drones and medical urgency as one of the future possible applications. With multicopters, we hope to improve the transportation of e.g. organs or medicine in general and show other fields where multicopters can be used.


The heart, savely stored and cooled in a specially crafted box, is placed on a highlighted area on the windowsill – the “Bird-Nest”, where the multicopter “Kolibri” can easily reach it. The multicopter is called by pushing a button.

The benefits from improving the public opinion on multicopters are the following:
More people will be interested to use multicopters in various scenarios, leading to legal changes which will finally make using multicopters for transportation possible! This kind of delivery is timesaving and highly economic, it decongests the traffic on our jammed streets and ensures fast shipping even to remote cities or other hard to reach areas.

The next step is to ensure a legal foundation for the use of multicopters, as the status quo differs a lot from country to country and it’s simply not stated clear enough what is allowed and what is forbidden.