Group 01, User Research, WS1718

classroom01.jpgEvery day we are confronted by numerous objects, devices and services, each of which requires us to behave or act in some particular manner.
Having that in mind, we conducted five contextual interviews, during the User Research, attempting to understand the problems, our target group is struggling with as well as the true needs, the changes they wish for and the goals they are trying to accomplish.
We have primarily focused our attention on the use of digital media in high schools and how they work on a daily basis as well as the impediments they experience.
As the interviewees state, some digital media could be more modern. Some of them are so old and provide a less good performance. That causes frustration and exaggerate waste of time, that lead to non-use. Our observations conclude, that the target group is willing to keep the step with innovation and the development of new and improved products.