Concept, Group 08, WS1617

17819789_10212272001772298_918677933_oAfter going through the iterative process of Design Thinking, we realised that we found an opportunity area that could please two user groups: patients and doctors. Doctors try to overcome the daily paperwork attached to the examination of patients. So they try to find a solution that digitalises the paperwork. But most solutions compromise the communication between doctors and patients and are therefore a burden for both.

So we were trying to come up with a solution that would digitalise the information gathered during the anamnesis automatically through key words. The hardware listens to these key words and fills them into the patient’s file card. We also envisioned our final product to be able to send out push notifications that give instructions to the doctor’s assistant, such as printing out the prescription.

With this digital assistance doctors can concentrate on their patients with minimal care for paperwork. The organisational work will be performed automatically throughout the natural flow of conversation!